I am a Philadelphia based designer and fabricator of custom reclaimed and new furniture, woodwork, and metalwork. I will oversee your project from concept to creation.
David Fortino with Dusty the Shopkitty

Hi, and thanks for stopping by!

I'm David, and I've worked in manufacturing since I was five years old when I would sweep up my uncle's carpentry shop for $2 a week. I worked for him through high school and college, and in 2000, I launched my own woodworking business. Since then, I've evolved it to include metal work, too. I'm deeply committed to local manufacturing with an emphasis on (but not limited to) reclaimed materials from Philadelphia’s golden age of manufacturing. From design to fabrication, whether built-in or free-standing I will take your vision and expectations through a comprehensive process which will lead to the final product.


Let's create something together!  

Eclipse Credenza Home Furnishings
Office Furniture
Kitchen Cabinets Dining Room Tables
Art Deco Mantel
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David with Dusty the Shop Kitty